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Stainless Steel Sev Sancha Pasta Maker Silver

Price: £6.99 £9.99

Product Description : Sev Sancha is a popular item used in traditional Indian homes for the preparation of 'Sev' or Indian Pasta. Sev Sancha has a large cylindrical body supported by a thick and stable base. The cylindrical body has a conical cap. A rotatable, long handle is firmly attached to the tip of the conical cap. Inside the main body of the Sancha are included 6 circular blades of different designs that give different shapes to the 'Sev. The main body of the Sancha has a height of 12.5cm and a diameter of 6.5cm. The circular blades have a diameter of 6cm each.
Gross Weight : 0.51 Kg(s)
Material : Stainless Steel
Color : Silver
Product Code : KTN-201-KA05-SEVSAN02
Pack Of : 1